Exercise is Medicine Club (EIM)

Exercise is Medicine Club (EIM)

Exercise is Medicine (EIM) Club

EImExercise is Medicine (EIM) (On-Campus) is a global initiative sponsored by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). It is their vision to get university campuses and their surrounding communities active and heathy as a means to reduce dependence on traditional medicines. It is our mission for EIM at Rowan University to promote health and wellness in the local community, advocating exercise as both a preventative and alternative medicine. In order to reach our goals, we need dedicated students who share a passion for getting active to help promote the EIM message. We have big plans for the future of EIM at Rowan University including educating students on exercise and its benefits, hosting events to get the community active, and implementing EIM into Rowan's Healthcare system. We are currently a gold level campus.  Exercise is truly the best medicine, and it all starts with you! 


Here are some of our events: 

RU Fit Fest: is a fundraiser with half of the proceeds being donated to The ALS Association in the name of former HES Department faculty member, Dr. Theresa Cone who has been battling ALS for several years, while the other half will contribute towards supporting EIM. We are framing the event around non-traditional exercises to develop strength, power, and speed, while remaining all inclusive for the community. EIM stives to create an environment where exercise is seen as fun, exciting, and beneficial for long-term health by everyone. Read about our event here and here!



Project Persevere:  is a six-week student initiative to promote a sense of community while emphasizing health and fitness, both physical and mental. With the COVID-19 crisis, our drive to build a healthy community is stronger than ever. Even as we transition to all online learning and practice social distancing, we are here for one another. Remember, social distancing doesn't mean social disconnection.


REP (Rowan Exercise Partners):  A program made to provide support to individuals who are inexperienced or have fears associated with going to the gym. Each individual will be partnered with their own REP and will go through a basic training program geared to meet their own individual fitness goals. Everyone that participates will have their REP there to answer any questions that they may have, talk, or just provide support and encouragement. The program will have a personalized and non-intimidating fell. REPs will make going to the gym a fun and rewarding experience! People can be referred to the program through a questionnaire that has recently been integrated into the wellness center. This program is tentatively set to begin this fall. The goal is to foster a sense of community and support while getting members of the Rowan community active. 

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Contact Information:  Will Samalonis at samalo62@students.rowan.edu or Michael Onu at onum4@students.rowan.edu.