BA Health Studies

BA Health Studies

BA Health Studies

Program Objectives

The Bachelor Arts in Health Studies provides a degree completion program for those students who have a two-year Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree with  medical technology or clinical assistatn certification.  This program will provide students with a path to a Bachelor’s degree and with critical professional skills not covered in AAS degree programs that will make them highly competitive in the job market. These skills include but are not limited to professionalism, adaptability, communication, problem-solving, leadership, diversity awareness, multicultural sensitivity, and planning/organization skills.  This program that will not only be prepared to enter the workforce with greater awareness of and ability to implement critical professional skills, but also be competitive for advancement within their profession and organizations with which they are affiliated.

The major courss of this degree are completely online.  Students may transfer in general education courses to meet Rowan University Core General Education requirements.  If any general educatoin courses are still needed, they can be taken at Rowan University. 

The Program Goals are to:
1. Develop graduates with critical professional skills used in healthcare settings.
2. Develop graduates who understand health related Issues and their effects on patients.
3. Develop graduates who can effectively communicate health issues within their clinical practice.
4. Develop graduates who have an understanding of using an inter-professional approach to

Admission Requirements:

1. Completion of AAS Degree and must have attained a Medical Technology or Clinical Medical Assistant certification to be able to transfer into this degree completion program.  Students must provide a copy of their certification that they have met this requiremen. Rowan College at Gloucester County or any community college that offers an AAS Degree and practicing professionals with AAS degrees.

2. GPA= 3.0

3. Must also meet all Rowan University transfer requirements.

4. Native Rowan University freshman will not be eligible for this 2+2 degree completion program. This program is being developed for students meeting the above criteria only.  

Graduation Requirements

  1. Successful completion of all major requirements
  2. Successful completion of General Education/Rowan Core requirements as identified by Rowan University
  3. Completion of a minimum of 120 credits


Hear from our students!!

Patrice Dave

 I chose to obtain my BA in Health Studies as a bridge to obtain an ABSN after receiving my AS in Health Studies from Rowan College at Burlington County. I chose this program because it provided more insight into the communities that I plan on working with in the future. My overall plan for the future is to obtain my DNP in pediatric and correctional mental health.

Amanda Cusick

  I started my post high school education with Camden County College where I obtained my Associate Degree in Applied Science in 2010.  Around that same time, I completed a program to become a certified medical assistant licensed to work in New Jersey.   Unsure about my next steps at that time when it came to my education; I wanted to gain real life, practical working experience.  In 2010 just after graduating I was hired at Virtua Hospital.  Eleven years later; I am still employed full time with Virtua Hospital. 

The pandemic happens and I have a much overdo realization, if I lost my job I am limited in the job market due to not having completed my Bachelor’s Degree.  Born and raised in New Jersey, first generation college student; I sought out Rowan University and happened to come across Rowan Global, a platform new to Rowan for working adults that provides degree programs via flexible online classes with full access and support from the faculty.  I applied to start classes, seeking to complete my B.A in Health Studies in the School of Health Professions; a degree specific to a students who already hold an Associate Degree and a Clinical Certification.   

Completion of this specific degree combined with my extensive working experience will provide me with the critical professional skills in a highly competitive job market, placing me in a better position to expand my job opportunities as well as earning power should I ever need or want to take on a new role.  For the first time in eleven years I was excited to take on classes and get started.  Having my direct patient care, hospital experience and New Jersey medical assistant certification applied to my degree program are the major factors in why I chose this program at Rowan University.  

Currently on pace to graduate in the spring of 2022, I can truly say that from the start of my first class I have felt welcomed into the Rowan academic community; both encouraged and supported by my professors, so much so I am considering advanced degree options beyond the B.A in Health Studies.  Pursuing an advanced degree is not something I ever even considered before starting with Rowan; a testament to the professors, advisors, peer support and community found at Rowan University.