BA in Wellness Management

BA in Wellness Management

B. A. in Wellness Management





What is Wellness Management?


Wellness is a process of supporting, training and encouraging others in the pursuit of well-being in all dimensions of a person's life, including Social, Physical, Emotional, Occupational, Intellectual, Environmental and Spiritual. Personal health behavior is significant, as individuals are encouraged to adopt and maintain positive lifestyles through a variety of awareness, educational and motivational strategies. The program incorporates the Dimensions of Wellness philosophy as endorsed by the National Wellness Institute. 

Students are prepared to facilitate wellness programs that address the overall well-being of individuals and groups. This program also emphasizes the management of health promotion and wellness interventions, preparing students with the administrative and business skills they need to successfully implement HPWM programs.

The Rowan Wellness Management program is one of the first programs awarded the Distinguished Undergraduate Program Award  by the National Wellness Institute. 


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 Leslie Spencer, Ph.D.         HPWM Program Coordinator
(856) 256-4500, ext. 53761     

Robert Weaver, Ph.D.
Internship Coordinator
856-256-4500 ext. 53765
Jeanine Dowd
Academic Advisor
(856) 256-65873



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