What can I do with a degree in Public Health and Wellness?

Below are some of the more common careers and average salaries pursued by graduates with a bachelor's degree in this field.  The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic estimates that the growth rate of these jobs is 16% or higher, which they describe as "much faster than average".

Health Educator -  $45,000 Community Services Manager - $64,000
Worksite Wellness Manager - $70,000 Health/Wellness Coach - $45,000
Public Health Researcher - $68,000 Child Life Specialist - $51,000
Certified Diabetes Educator - $62,000  

Our graduates are employed as coordinators and directors of worksite wellness programs, community-based organizations (such as the YMCA), hospital-based wellness programs for patients and the community, and health-care research organizations. Some additional possible job opportunities: 


Rowan Public Health and Wellness

  • Health Educator 
  • Public Health Coordinator
  • Policy/Advocacy Fellow
  • Health Care Administrator
  • Health Care Services Evaluator
  • Community Health Worker
  • Health Project Manager
  • Health Researcher Analyst 
  • Global Health Advocate
  • Emergency Field Operations Coordinator