What can I do with a degree in Health Promotion and Wellness Management?

Below are some of the more common careers and average salaries pursued by graduates with degrees in wellness.  The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic estimates that the growth rate of these jobs is 16% or higher, which they describe as "much faster than average".

Health Educator -  $45,000 Community Services Manager - $64,000
Worksite Wellness Manager - $70,000 Health/Wellness Coach - $45,000
Public Health Researcher - $68,000 Child Life Specialist - $51,000
Certified Diabetes Educator - $62,000  

Our graduates are employed as coordinators and directors of worksite wellness programs, community-based organizations (such as the YMCA), hospital-based wellness programs for patients and the community, and health-care research organizations.


Our Graduates @ Work

Graduates of the Wellness and Lifestyle Management program have skills and experience which make them employable in jobs with growth potential and upward mobility.  The Rowan WLM program provides students with relevant academic training and professional development opportunities, which makes them highly-desirable in the job market.