Get FIT @ Rowan

Get FIT @ Rowan

Get FIT @ Rowan

The Get FIT (Fitness, Integration, and Training) @ Rowan initiative is an innovative, collaborative effort between Rowan University and the Family Resource Network, a non-profit agency in New Jersey, which has demonstrated success in improving access to fitness, nutritional, and wellness programs for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs) and their caregivers. Since 2008, Get FIT @ Rowan has had an incredible impact on the Southern New Jersey community through actualizing its mission of bolstering physical activity and nutrition education for individuals with IDD and their families. Get FIT has three primary goals, which are to: (1) improve the quality of life for the Southern New Jersey community; (2) promote physical activity among individuals with IDDs and their families; and, (3) continue to expand the Program to have tangible, positive, and measurable impacts.

Get FIT @ Rowan is a supervised, one-on-one fitness training program in which Rowan students and employees volunteer to serve as fitness coaches to a client who has an intellectual or developmental disability (IDD) or to their caregiver.  Volunteer fitness coaches are trained to work with their clients and guide them through an effective and safe total-body exercise program during scheduled times throughout the week.  The program is offered every fall and spring semester for 10 weeks, with clients participating up to 4 times each week.  It is a great opportunity for both the volunteer fitness coaches to use their creativity and knowledge to support their clients in forming a healthier lifestyle.

A word from those involved:

"I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how wonderful the Get Fit program is. I have seen my student learn and develop during the past few weeks, he has gotten stronger, more balanced, and lost weight. I am hoping he will be able to return for the next semester. I have told the school I work at how great this program is, and I hope our other special needs children may be able to attend also in the future."- One-on-one aide

"I have been wanting to write to you again and tell you how impressed I was with your two students. We once again attended the Get Fit program on Thursday and the first 20 minutes or so went by very well as the week before. When I stepped out to use the mens room and came back to the gym, I saw that my child had a bathroom accident but more importantly what I saw was how well your students reacted to the situation. They were so kind to my child and offered to help her to the bathroom and took her there! They had complete compassion and understanding. I was soooo impressed."- Parent of child in Get FIT

We invite you to watch a short documentary about the Get FIT @ Rowan program, which was produced by Rowan Radio, TV and Film students.


Get FIT has moved remotely! With social distancing and quarantining, our students have moved online to continue to offer workout sessions to to build strength and and improve overall health Learn more about how Get FIT is handling the pandemic. Rowan Get FIT Online

For more information, please contact the Program Director, Dr. Leslie Spencer, at